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Special Response Team

The Union County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team: Inv. Scott Coffer, Inv. Jared Gilstrap, Capt. John Sherfield,  Inv. Brandon Vaughan, Sgt. Jeff Wright,  Sgt.Brad Woods, Cpl. Matt Voiselle, Dep. William Erwin

These men are the officers who get called in during difficult situations- hostages taken, an active shooter at a school or place of employment, a heavily armed suspect held up in a house. Taylor said the team so far has been equipped at no additional costs to taxpayers. Officers volunteer to train twice a month on their own time. The team includes officers who have specialties and it is hoped more specialties will added in the future. Two members are trained snipers. Team members are equipped with a heavier than normal bullet-proof vest, a Kevlar helmet, a breaching kit to help gain access to a building, an assault rifle and other tools. AR-15 Rifles for the sheriff’s office SRT officers were obtained at no cost through 2 year fund raising events. “We hope we never need them but in this day and time anything is subject to happen,” Taylor said. “We want to be equipped.”
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