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Criminal Investigations Division
Union County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division's mission is to thoroughly investigate a wide variety of criminal cases that occur throughout the county. We strive to provide support to victims of crime, apprehend offenders and recover stolen property. Investigator's cases are generated through incident reports from the public, pro-active investigations and tips received from Crime Stoppers and the community. Please contact an Investigator today if you have information that can help them solve a crime or prevent one from occurring. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers at 864-427-0800. 

Major John Sherfield       jsherfield@countyofunion.com
Inv. Scott Coffer             scoffer@countyofunion.com

Inv. Roxie Belue             rbelue@countyofunion.com

Inv. Wendy Childers       wchilders@countyofunion.com

Inv. Russell Vinson         rvinson@countyofunion.com

Inv. Scott Ruby              sruby@countyofunion.com

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