How can I get a Detention Order?
If you have a family member or friend that you believe requires immediate treatment for either a mental illness to chemical dependency, you may go to the Union County Mental Health Center  130 Medical Sciences Drive, Union, SC 29379 or Union Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse  , 201 S. Herndon Street and request a Detention Order. The requirements for an order are as follows:
  1. The individual must pose an immediate threat to self or others.
  2. The petitioner should have some knowledge of where the person is currently located. (This allows the Court to assist law enforcement in detaining the individual)
  3. It is helpful to know whether the individual has a history of mental illness/chemical dependency.
  4. It is helpful to know whether the individual in question currently taking any medication(s).
  5. It is helpful to know whether the individual in question is having any self-care or self-neglect issues that suggest the possibility of harm to self. (i.e., not sleeping, not eating, not attending to hygiene, etc.
Based on the information provided by the petitioner, and the opinion of the Mental Health Professional, the Detention Order request may/may not be forwarded to the Court for approval. However, if approved, the Court will issue a Detention Order and have a law enforcement official dispatched to detain the individual in question. After detainment, he/she will be transported either the Union County Mental Health Department or the emergency room for evaluation. If the individual meets the requirements for an emergency commitment, then he/she will be admitted to an appropriate treatment facility.