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Q.What happens if a person violates child visitation?
A.If an individual does not comply with scheduled child visitation, this is not a criminal matter, you will need to file contempt charges with Family Court. 
Q.Who has custody of a child when a couple is not married?
A.In this state of South Carolina, rights of the child are solely given to the mother unless there is child custody paper work through Family Court, or if a mother has relinquished her rights. A father has no rights and will have to take the mother to court to establish child custody.
Q.What happens if a person violates a Family Court Restraining Order, that was issued in their Divorce Decree?
A.If someone violates the restraining order, then you will need to file Contempt Charges in Family Court (it is not going to be a Criminal Matter - Only Family Court). Contact your attorney for assistance.