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Reprint from Union Daily Times Editorial page:
Sheriff keeping campaign promise
True to his word, Sheriff David Taylor has declared war on illegal drugs in Union County.

During his campaign last year, Taylor promised that if elected, he would target illegal drugs. During his first three months in office, nearly 60 drug arrests were made — 10 in January, 10 in February and 39 in March.

Last week, the war intensified with “Operation Spring Clean,” a cooperative effort involving the sheriff’s office, Union Public Safety Department and Jonesville Police Department. As of Monday, 26 people had been arrested.

“We’re fighting a battle and we are going to keep fighting it,” Taylor said Friday. “We are knocking at the door.”

Illegal drugs are connected to other crime, such as burglaries, thefts and gang activity. As a result of “Operation Clean Sweep,” our communities should be safer places to live and work — at least until those arrested get out of jail.

Though none of the “big fish” were netted in the sweep, Taylor is optimistic.

“You’ve got to catch the little fish to get to the big fish,” he said.

The “fish” were biting last weekend; here’s hoping Taylor eventually lands a “big one.”
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